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Rob Richardson



Hey there,


Richo here, thought I’d send you some pics of some of my Retro cars from south of the border.

The Indy/Ferrari was an idea that was fun but not so hot, it’s fast but a handful to drive.




The Slick 7 (Graham Hill Indy Turbine) goes pretty nice, but I prefer to run cars I built from scratch.



The other scratch built F1 is pretty competitive, (Jackie Stewart).




This one is the RedFox Porsche and despite some of my wacky designs, this pretty standard type chassis has proven to be my most reliable competitive car.




Just a couple of other Can-Ams.






Retro has been going really good down here, last weekend was a little light on for numbers but the one before was a blast with huge fields in all classes.

We’ve even been playing “Retro” music during the races with a 1971 cut off on the playlist, it helps get us old Pharts in the groove! Haha.


Rob Richardson

17th August 2011



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