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Started out with 0.063" nose piece and guide tongue,

0.078" mainrail,

with 0.055" side pan rails.

Stuebe split bite bars,

0.032" side pans.

REH motor bracket.

I had some Pro track wheels and tyres here which I narrowed down to .250"

3/32 piano wire for the fixed front axle, the fronts will be independent rotating.

Gearing will be angled 8 tooth with pink plastic 29.


The build was remarkably hassle free, once I committed myself to doing it, and the build progressed quite well. The design itself has been taken from what I have seen from other builders, its a simple design, without too many "bells and whistles", being my first one I wanted to see how this design would go, and from there see what design changes I may make for the future.


I'll be using a 10thou Sunset Lola T70 body, still awaiting rear tyres and I've yet to install the body mounts.


Good thing about this is that my only purchases for this build was the gears and rear tyres, I had everything else here, so I'm thinking the dollar outlay will be quite low.


Now Tim's at me to do one for him, good stuff! Building is good fun, I really enjoy that side of things. Terry.






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