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Mark Fox


As promised here are a few shots of my first D3 style (Retro) Inline Chassis.


Motor Bracket is re-bent to get the bearings out wide Rails are all .055" and all

brass sheet is .063".

Front wheels are independent.

Total weight is 97 grams - rolling chassis 90 grams plus body 7 grams.

I added 13 grams lead and currently (July 08) this configuration has the fastest D3 (Retro) time at Hornsby Slot Cars at 5.26 sec - next best time is 5.29 by Wayne Bramble.


A quick update on my Aussie Retro (D3) development.

The first Chassis (Skinny Boy) - was a little light even with 13 gms of lead added for a total weight of 110gms.


Best time for this at HSC was 5.18.On to Chassis #2 (Fat Boy) which I built on the back of my findings with Skinny Boy.


The difference between the two is I went from 17# wire to 16# wire in the rail construction and used larger sections of 16# brass strips for the front and pans.


I used a conventional U bracket this time as the space between the rear of the motor and the crown gear was limited after I bent the bracket for Skinny Boy.


Fat Boy worked well straight up and so I got some practice in the Friday night Practice Race. Come Saturday night Fat Boy set TQ at 5.111 secs and narrowly finished 3rd a second or so ahead of 4th


I was certain that I could get this car under 5.00 secs with most of the improvement to be gained from the driver. Took Fat Boy to HSC on Wednesday following the Race and after some fiddling was able to do a whole heap of times between 5.01 and 5.06 but could not crack 5.00.


Added 3 gms of lead to front and then reeled of a 5.00 and the magic 4.99 - totally stoked.  I would like to say that this exercise of designing, building and racing my Aussie Retro (D3) car after a more than 20 year sabbatical has been the most fun I have had in years - the racing is close and the camaraderie among the racers is terrific.


Its also been fun catching up with guys like Stoo and Wayne who I used to race when we were at school in 1970.


I am going to stick with the current design and will be shortly be building Fatter Boy as the weight seems to help. Regards - Mark.

"Skinny Boy" 

Original build - 97 gms


5.260 second Lap Mode with Lead - 110 gms



"Fat Boy" 

4.990 second Lap Mode - 119 gms


4.990 second Lap Mode - 119 gms


4.990 second Lap Mode - 119 gms


4.990 second Lap Mode - 119 gms


4.990 second Lap Mode - 119 gms


4.990 second Lap Mode - 119 gms


As raced - 116 gms


As raced - 116 gms


As raced - 116 gms


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