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Mark Fox


With F1 being added to the Aussie Retro race series I have dug out the soldering iron and put together a F1 chassis which worked well when I tested it yesterday (21/10/09) at Hornsby Slotcar Centre.


Some details of the chassis:-
Rails are double 0.063" dia.
Bracket is custom built of .032" Brass
All other brass is 0.063"
Fronts are independant running in a tube
Weight as pictured is 115gms - added 4.5 gms on front when testing to give 119.5 gms total.

Regards - Mark.


Ready to go - JK's front and rear.


Bottom view.


Rattler pin tubes at front - front axle tube supported by .063 x 0.250 brass strip.


Pans are plumber mounted.


Rattler pin tubes at rear mounts.


Bracket is beefed up with .063 brass.


Rear view showing bracket treatment.


Truscale Lotus Wedge - in Hot Pink of course.


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