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 Many thanks to Dale, Stoo, and Pete for allowing me to use their photo's.




The Track

110 Foot, Johnson Road Course
4.0" Lane Spacing.



The Cars

Concourse, then shown in race finishing and qualifying order.


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Concourse 1st - Wayne Bramble

Fox Porsche Spider Body



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The Final, ready to go.

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Final 1st - Dale Anderson

Champion Ferrari 612 Body, RGeo frame, assembled by Wayne B, Weight 122g, Gears 8/27.



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Final 2nd - Cody Bramble

JK McLaren Body, Wayne B. frame, assembled by Wayne B, Weight 106g, Gears 8/29.



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Final 3rd - Mark Fox

JK Ti22 Body, Mark F. frame, assembled by Mark F, Weight 116g, Gears 8/29.



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Final 4th - Bevin Halloran

OS Ti22 Body, Bevin H. frame, assembled by Bevin H, Weight 109g, Gears 9/29.



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Final 5th - Steve King

Champion Ferrari 612 Body, Mike Steube frame, assembled by Steve K, Weight 114g, Gears 8/29.



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Final 6th - Charles Rickards

Fox Porsche Spider Body, Charles R. frame, assembled by Charles R, Weight 106g, Gears 8/29.



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Final 7th - Wayne Martin

Champion Ferrari 612 Body, RGeo kit assembled by Wayne Bramble, Weight 116g, Gears 8/30.



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Final 8th - Robert Bennett

JK McLaren Body, Wayne B. frame, assembled by Wayne B, Weight 109g, Gears 8/29.



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Qualifying 9th - Wayne Bramble

Fox Porsche Spider Body, Wayne B. frame, assembled by Wayne B, Weight 113g, Gears 8/29.



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Qualifying 10th - Peter Hopkins

JK McLaren Body, Peter P. frame, assembled by Peter P, Weight 123g, Gears 8/28.



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Qualifying 11th - Ivan Wearne

JK McLaren Body, Wayne B. frame, assembled by Wayne B, Weight 110g, Gears 8/29.



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Qualifying 12th - Gregg Treagle

Fox Porsche Spider Body, Wayne B. frame, assembled by Wayne B, Weight 110g, Gears 8/29.



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Qualifying 13th - Dean Fraser

OS Ti22 Body, Dean F. frame, assembled by Dean F, Weight 120g, Gears 9/29.



080816-14saa.jpg (58029 bytes) 080816-14sab.jpg (81331 bytes)

080816-14sac.jpg (73203 bytes)

Qualifying 14th - Stewart Amos

Champion Ferrari 612 Body, Stewart A. frame, assembled by Stewart A, Weight 122g, Gears 8/29.



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080816-15jpc.jpg (68612 bytes)

Qualifying 15th - Jim Patterson

McLaren Body, Jim P. frame, assembled by Jim P, Weight 130g, Gears 8/29.



The People


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Wayne Bramble Cody Bramble.


Dale and Charles watching on.

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Bevin, Wayne M, Gregg, and Stoo.


Robert, Steve, Dean, Ivan, Bruce, Wayne B, 

 Charles getting in some practice.


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Robert, Steve, Dean, and Ivan.


Dale, Mark, and Dean in the pits.


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080816-b07sa.jpg (47846 bytes)

Steve, Robert, and Ivan.


Robert, Dean, Wayne B, Mark, Bevin and Jim.


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Cody and Mark.


Dale, Wayne M, Gregg, visitor, Ivan and Pete.


080816-b11-sa.jpg (49774 bytes) 080816-b12-sa.jpg (48874 bytes)

080816-b13-sa.jpg (41917 bytes)

Ivan ready to qualify.



Dean ready to qualify.



Mark ready to qualify.



Ready...Set.... for Heat A

Robert, Charles, Pete, Stoo, Wayne M, Ivan and Wayne B.



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