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'Aussie Retro is a direct descendant of "SoCal D3" slot car racing that began on

27th May 2006 at Buena Park, CA.



Please be aware;
"D3 is the exclusive intellectual property of its founder Paul Sterrett, who allows and encourages any and all racing clubs, associations and raceways worldwide to race under the D3 format.  However the use of the D3 name by any such association also requires a respect of the racing rules established by the founders of D3 racing for the benefit of all enthusiasts.  The "D3" name is protected by the trademark and copyright laws of the United States of America and its use is forbidden for any racing series not strictly enforcing the rules as expressed on the pages of the official D3 website.
Quoted from D3 Website, 16/09/08.

The inception of D3 by Paul Sterrett - Intro Clip.  Courtesy of Nesta Szabo, aka 68Caddy.


In late 2005 and early 2006 Paul Sterrett devised the D3 concept, and Mike Steube helped get things rolling along by building several cars, then using them at Buena Park Raceway to introduce racers to the class.  Interest gathered and eventually there were enough people to hold a race.

The first D3 retro race ever took place with 13 entries, on the Hasse Hillclimb track at Buena Park Raceway, California, USA.


This type of 1:24 scale slot car racing will be of interest to those people who were around slot cars in the mid to late 1960's and/or those who enjoy the thrill of racing a hand made slot car.  The Can-Am cars are also the pinnacle of sports car racing of the same era, so combining the two interests truly becomes a retro re-birth.

Cars have to be scratch built, assembled, and comply with the regulations that return to the spirit of slot car racing enjoyment, that was being experienced by the youth of the 1960s.

The original founding D3 committee members were Paul Sterrett, Mike Steube, Philippe de Lespinay, and Dennis Samson.

To help other groups participate in Retro racing, IRRA (International Retro Racing Association) was formed in New York, and aims to provide a unified set of guide lines, regulations, and information.

A small group of interested racers at Hornsby Slot Cars (Steve King, Dale Anderson and Dean Fraser) began buying frames, parts and cars from the USA, and doing much the same as Mike Steube did at Buena Park by playing with them on race nights, and letting people have a go.


Wayne Bramble joined HSC as manager in April '08, and took an interest the Retro cars. Wayne has a great history in Australian slot cars and is a builder of fine slot cars. Wayne was hooked, then thanks to Wayne and Charles Rickards, Aussie Retro was slated as an event for the "2008 Vintage Classic" and attracted 15 entrants.


Aussie Retro was born.

Aussie Retro has adopted the IRRA regulations, and has made a few minor amendments for our local preferences, and availability of equipment.


The main requirement with this class is to have fun.


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