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Race Results;

27th June 2009 - Hornsby.


Round 2 - Coupes.




First up, once again, thanks must go to both James and Wayne for running the 'Event'.

I must admit, I think I was having difficulty taking the evening too seriously, although, to be honest, once again, it was a very pleasant evenings Slot Car Fun, with some pleasant people.

In total there were 5 Starters, being Fox, Dale Anderson and Myself, with young Declan and his Dad Guy turning up to have a 'Run' as well.

Dale once again proved the worthiness of his 'typically' consistent driving, by taking the lead from the first bracket onwards, with Fox and myself swapping places in the middle brackets, until Fox's inherent speed and inconsistent driving by myself, sealed the positions, with Dale ending the convincing winner with 335 laps, Fox 2nd with 328 laps, myself 3rd with 319, with Declan on 280 and Guy with 256.

As both Declan and Guy have Really only raced Scalextric, (apart from their Retro appearances), there Was a bit of a Speed/experience difference, But they Both drove well and certainly Seemed to enjoy the event,..I think Both of them 'Enjoying' the Nice 'Handling' these cars offer, compared to magnet Scalextric

From the consistently 'Dwindling' numbers and poor attendances at the more recent 'Rounds', one must have to suggest it does Not 'Bode well' for the healthy continuation of the class.

As can be 'noted' elsewhere, there is Now a 'Revised' Calendar for Aussie Retro, see Here
Guess we will have to see what 'Evolves' attendance wise from here on.
Perhaps with the 'Revised' schedule, some of the others that occasionally Race Retro's may be able to attend.

Fox took some Pictures, which either He or I will post later on.




1st   Dale Anderson   335
2nd   Mark Fox   328
3rdt   Stuart Amos   319
4th   Declan Russell   280
5th   Guy Russell   256


Getting in some practice, Declan, Stoo, James, Guy, and Dale.



L to R - Dale, Mark, Stoo, Declan, Guy.




L to R - Mark Fox 2nd, Dale Anderson 1st, Stuart Amos 3rd.



Dale's Porsche, painted by Racer X.


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