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Race Results;

14th June 2009 - Hornsby.


Round 1 - Coupes.




Well, pretty much just the usual bunch of 'Faithful Fools' turned up to race this last Saturday night.

Once again, a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere was enjoyed, by a nice bunch of people, who are both good company and great to race with.

It was just a wee bit cold, so the track was rather 'Stuck', requiring a bit of testing and tuning,

(all to no avail on my part,..Doh!).

I had two cars, but as I had installed a fresh motor in the newer car, (which is normally very good around here), I chose to run it, especially as the motor seemed to be a bullet.

BUT, in the conditions on the night, my car became extremely hard to drive well and was occasionally doing things it has normally never done, something is wrong, but I'm buggered if I can see what, sigh, oh well, time for a new car I guess, lol

So, after a late arrival by Troy, we had 6 starters, (well 7 , if you count Wayne B, who chose not to run so we had some marshalls).

No qualifying, random order start, the 4 min' per lane race line up consisted of;
James Colfax, Cody Bramble, Mark Fox, Ivan Levanic, Troy Boldy and Myself.

Once again, great thanks to Chris and also Greg for being there and graciously offering to Marshall.
We will have to get you running one night instead Chris!

Overall, this was a pretty clean and fast race, occasionally a bit scrappy, (the conditions catching a few of us out occasionally). One had to drive very tidily.

I managed to rocket off at the start and was having a great run, until I fell off, DOH! and spent the rest of the race trying to keep my 'Strangely' difficult to drive car in the slot!

A typically 'Tough' race (as to be expected racing with This Bunch!). There was some great dicing and lane by lane running, there were a couple of brackets where many of us 'Tooled' around side by side.

It was pretty close there for a while, with the final outcome, slowly 'evolving' over the race length, resulting in a fine win by Mark Fox, whose car I must admit, looked very smooth fast and settled, (Much like it did last time in fact!,  Mark admitting later that it was a pretty easy car to drive, which is somewhat annoying seeing as it is so quick, whilst cruising!

From about the 3rd bracket onwards and definitely by the 5th, the race was really only between the first three, Cody was driving Wayne's car and was seemingly not having a great night.

Ivan once again drove a very steady and almost faultless race, with a somewhat down on Horsepower car.  We gotta get you a faster motor Ivan!

All in all, it was once again a very pleasant evenings racing, enjoyed I believe by all who attended, so thanks once again to the HSC 'Crew' for providing the 'Facility' to Race.

I DO hope we see a few extra 'Starters' at the next round, or I wouldn't be surprised if a re-scheduling of the future calender is made by HSC to more effectively cater to more Popular forms of racing.

Which, unfortunately, won't be for 'Scratch- Built' cars.

Anyway,..see you all if Not even a Few More, at the Next round.



1st   Mark Fox   342
2nd   Troy Boldy   337
3rdt   James Colefax   335
4th   Stewart Amos   326
5th   Cody Bramble   318
6th   Ivan Levanic   303


L to R - Troy, Ivan, Cody, James, Stoo and Mark.


And the grinners are;

L to R - Troy Boldy 2nd, Mark Fox 1st, James Colefax 3rd.




Concours winner, driven by Cody, and painted by Wayne Bramble.


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