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Race Results;

AR18 - 4th April 2009 - Mobile Raceways.


First Official Retro Display Event in Victoria.



The Kingleman Track


Photo by Glenn (aka gah5)


This event was held in conjunction with Plafit Scale GT cars as an introduction to Retro racing.


Report from John as seen on MRslotcar Forum


Last night at MR's scale night we raced Aussie Retro cars for the first time in Melbourne.

After a little bit of hassell over which motor we would run Peter VH agreed that we could run the correct Chettah II motor and combine the cars with the Int32 entrants.

Although there were only 3 cars to race the rest of the places were taken with the Int 32's.

Peter Dimmers, Geoff Little and myself ran the Aussie retro cars.

Not having raced my car against another before I had nothing to compare with - by the end of the first bracket I realised that I had some work to do in the handling department, to keep up with the other two.


Top speed wasn't too bad but I was getting blitzed around the corners.

At the end of the race Dimmers was 1st, Geoff 2nd and I took up the final podium position.

I was pleased to see the cars created quite a lot of interest within the other blokes racing that night with a few comments about building cars to race - GREAT STUFF - that is what the first display race was all about.

Peter VH took some photos and movie clips of the race, so hopefully he will post them in this forum.

Hopefully next time there will be a few new Aussie Retro cars to fill out the field some more.

Bantamjack ;



1st   Peter Dimmer
2nd   Geoff Little
3rd   John Couche





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